The Power Supply

The only issue of criticism and the known weak spot around the U47 design was always the old Neumann NG power supply, which had no voltage regulation. As a result the supply voltage was very unstable which caused the 'interesting' effect, that a U47 can sound quite different for example when moved between locations, due to possible variations of the mains voltage.

The job of the power supply is only to supply the tube and the capsule with the required voltage and it does not have influence on the sound of the microphone (unless its output voltage varies...), so it was obvious that a much better and stabile power supply is needed for a top quality U47 remake.

The power supply for the Wagner U47w is of a classic design but carefully stabilised and actively filtered. It works on mains voltages from 90 V/AC up to 300 V/AC (!) in only two switchable settings, without varying the output voltages to the mic more than 1%! The voltage selector switch is easy accessible at the bottom of the power supply.
The solid case is especially designed after Neumann's classic "handle-on-top lunchbox-style" of the 50's and is triple coated with an extremely durable hammertone effect laquer. Like the power switch which is made by a company who produces this switch without any changes since half a century, all small mechanics and components are highest quality German products. The oversized mains transformer is especially made for us by Haufe/Berlin, who supply transformers to Neumann since nearly 60 years.
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