Left: Wagner U47w                                   Right:  Old original U47

 The capsule

The capsule  -  the heart of the microphone

We started making complete M7 capsules 16 years ago to service or "back-convert" old Neumann U47. Over the years many old Neumann U47 had been retrofitted with the later K47 when the original M7 had died and often people wanted to convert their old U47 back to the original M7.
Today many old U47 have one of our M7 inside. Our reproduction of the M7 is unique and identical to the old Neumann/Berlin M7 (which is different to the version made in Gefell).
We use the same procedures and even the same brass materials for the backplate as used when these capsules were made originally in the 50s).  
Read about the U47 capsules history

The standard configuration for the Wagner U47w is the classic M7, however by request the later K47 can be provided.
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