Left: Wagner U47w                    Right:  Old original U47

U47 Spare Parts

When Neumann more and more ran out of original U47 parts in the early 80's, we had to start re-manufacturing U47 parts to make sure that we could continue professional service for the old classic U47. Meanwhile we supply authentic U47 spareparts to many microphone technicians and manufacturers around the world.

microphone parts

Since 1989 we re-make most key parts of the old U47 and a few years later I built the first completely new U47-reproduction as a special order for one of my clients in the USA. The response was overwhelming and now finally it was possible - by precisely matching capsule, tube and output transformer in combination with the fully authentic U47 body-mechanics - to achieve 100% of the look, feel and the sonic quality of the classic U47.
This is not about just making a copy of an old U47 with all its problems. The target is to make U47's to the quality and sound, exactly as they were
55 years ago, when they were new.

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