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Neumann U87 (dual diaphragms) K87 p.o.a
Neumann U67/tube (dual diaphragms) K67 p.o.a
Neumann KM56, KM88 (dual Nickel diaphragms) KK56/KK88 p.o.a
Neumann KM54 (single Nickel diaphragm) KK54 p.o.a
Neumann U47/tube (dual diaphragms) M7 p.o.a
Neumann M49/tube (dual diaphragms) M7 p.o.a
Neumann Gefell UM57 and CMV563 (dual diaphragms) M7E p.o.a
other Neumann capsules    p.o.a

  NEUMANN Capsule Repair-Exchange Program:
Capsule re-diaphragming is very high precision work and with all material pre-aging and testing it is very time consuming. Turn around time can therefor be up to 6-8 weeks. Please ask for the service conditions and special features included in the capsule service prices. 

To provide a better service for the market and to make sure your valuable Neumann mics gets back into recording quickly, we now offer an instant repair exchange service.

Repair-Exchange - how does it work?

We keep a permanent stock of the most common Neumann capsules, all serviced and re-diaphragmed, fully tested and 100% within original specs.
If you need to have a capsule re-diaphragmed and you do not want to wait all that time for yours getting done, you can send it to one of our addresses, either in Germany or in Australia.  (In any case you should contact us prior to sending your capsule to make sure your model is in stock)
As the capsule arrives here, we will check it to make sure that it really needs re-diaphragming and that we have prepared the correct model for you. If there is any doubt, we contact you to discuss the details, otherwise we just send you a completely new re-diaphragmed capsule (usually even on the same day) in a professional protective packing.

As with our capsule re-diaphragm service, all exchange capsules are covered by a one year international replacement warranty.

U47 parts:

   U47 transformers


Head Relapping, 1/4" head STUDER or other brands (record or repro) 175.00
Head Relapping, 1/4" head REVOX only (record or repro) 140.00
Head Relapping, 1/2" head (record or repro) 240.00
Head Relapping, 1" head (record or repro) 260.00
Head Relapping, 2' head (record or repro) 395.00

Prices are for re-lapping only. Time for removing and re-installing heads from/to the headblock will be charged separately.

(Prices ex GST (Australia), MwSt (Germany), VAT (UK), IVA (Spain) or any foreign taxes)

Please contact me by email (click here) for any further information about prices on:

Prices valid Dec 2018. All prices subject to change. Please apply for a quote.

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