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Microphone Parts:

  M7 and capsule service

U47 complete mechanics kit !

Tube Microphone Transformers

Transformers re-manufactured to original specs

 Vintage Microphone Transformers
 all transformers are individually tested and come with complete test chart
Impedance matching for tubes  as in microphone  type  USD, GBP, AUD, JPY EUR (Euro)
VF14 (EF14, UF14, EF42, EF80, EF802s, 5840) U47, U48 BV8 Quick convert currently not available
ECC81, 12AT7, 12AY7, 6072    BV 314 Quick convert  228.00

Order special transformers here and pay secure using PAYPAL:  


More special transformers available soon.....

(Prices do not include GST (Australia), MwSt (Germany), VAT (UK), IVA (Spain) or any foreign taxes)

Prices valid July 2006. All prices subject to change with international exchange rates.

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