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                      Studio Equipment for sale                       

Please note: This page is provided as a voluntary service for our clients in the pro recording industry only. We strictly take NO responsibility for any equipment in the listing. All business has to be organized direct with the vendor.

Beware of fake VF14 offered for sale. Check out the latest info -->  fake VF14

Used Wagner U47w for sale


Wagner U47w (S/N 062) for sale on eBay: (-- SOLD --)
U47w on eBay

Originally shipped to Redwood City, CA 2004. History available on request.

Location: USA (Northridge, California)

Wagner U47w (S/N 195) private sale by owner: (-- SOLD --)
Today I was contacted by an U47w owner in the USA who had received his Wagner U47w (S/N 195) earlier this year. Shortly after he received his microphone, he changed career and therefore decided to offer his Wagner U47w for sale now.
I think this is a great opportunity for someone within the USA to get an "as new" Wagner U47w without waiting.
The mic is covered by 7 years fully transferable warranty (1 year on capsule and tube), so there is still more than 6 years warranty left.
If you are interested to give this U47w S/N 195 a new home, please contact Larry Goldsmith (Austin, Texas) [email protected] for more information

Location: USA (Austin, Texas)

Other microphones
& other
equipment for sale:   


W289SIEMENS W289 M/S Processor: (-- SOLD --)
This is the only M/S cassette that will reverse matrix X/Y to MS!

Encode and decode MS recordings. Use with a stero mic or two mics to create MS stereo. Panorama, image width and ballance are adjustable.
Fantastic mastering tool, for example for 'fixing' ill reordings: Encode to MS, equalize and compress the mid signal and voila!
This is an active module, it requires +24V.
Fully functional and tested. More information and images available on demand.
Includes module and connector and full set of original schematics

2 units available, Price: AUD  350.-  each (AUD 620 for both units)

Location: Sydney/Australia

Wagner U37k (tube microphone) (2 years old, as new) (-- SOLD --)
The Wagner U37/C37 is a multipattern tube microphone and was built only in a very small series around the German made K47 capsule (as used in the later U47 after 1959). It has a wonderful richt and warm sound and is great for recording vocals and acoustic instruments.
The idea of the U37 was to integrate the sound of a classic high end capsule and tube design in a economical body - compared to the extremely expensive mechanics in the classic U47w. As a result the U37 offered extremely good value for money. Additionally the U37 provides useful features as remote variable pattern control (cardioid, omni and eight), a low cut filter and a -10dB pad.
The mic comes complete in a metal transport case with power supply, cable, shockmount and storage pouch. (click here to see the complete set)

This U37 is Serial Number #003 and is owned by a private studio in Victoria/Australia.
Price: p.o.a.

Date: Jan. 2008 - Location: Victoria,Australia

Ref.#: 292

STUDER Tape Heads (used, new re-lapped)

There will be several used STUDER tape heads available in the next months, starting from January 2012.
Here is a unique opportunity to find usable original heads for a reasonable price:

[1] STUDER A80-MkII 2" 24CH
     2x record head
     2x repro head
[1] STUDER A80-MkIV 2" 24CH
     1x record head
     1x repro head
[2] STUDER A80-16CH MkI
     1x record head
     2x repro head
[3] STUDER A80-1/2" 2-CH (--SOLD--)
     1x record head
     1x repro head
[4] STUDER A80R/RC 1/4" Stereo (butterfly heads) (--SOLD--)
     2x record head
     2x repro head
[5] STUDER PR99 1/4" Stereo
     2x record head
     2x repro head
[6] STUDER A810-1/4" 2-CH (--SOLD--)
     2x record head
     2x repro head

     Other STUDER heads on inquiry

Location: Sydney/Australia
Ref.#: 355

Neumann U47 (short body, VF14, with original power supply) (-- SOLD --)
I am instructed to sell this microphone on behalf of one of my clients.
This is a short body/matt top version with original VF14 tube, Neumann power supply and swivel mount.
I had the mic here for service regularly over the last 15 years and I can confirm that everything is in absolute excellent condition.
The mic will be offered for sale due to studio closure around end of May.
It will be sent to us then for a full check/service, so it will be sold with report and warranty.

Price: p.o.a

Date: July. 2010 - Location: Sydney/Australia
Ref.#: 266

V76/80 (TAB) S/N#5918  (-- SOLD --)
more info about the V76 at:
Two years ago I restored  this V76 for the current owner, fitted new tubes and new caps. This unit was also modified to flat frequency response (check my V76 website for details and see the difference in frequency response here:
It comes complete with cable and I/O connections to XLR's plus a current extensive test protocol.
Price: USD 2400
Date: Sept. 2006 - Location: Sydney/Australia
Ref.#: 133

STUDER A80 and A800 spareparts for sale......
All parts are original STUDER, including:
- tape transport PCP's
- audio amp PCB's
- mechanical spareparts
- ball bearings
- heads (some used and relapped heads available)
Also service manuals from all STUDER tape recorders between 1960-2000 available!
+ Official service infos, modification infos, upgrade infos for all Studer recorders!
For our STUDER head relapping services please go to:
too many parts to list.... if you need parts please contact me here - contact

V72/55 (Siemens)  **** sorry, all units sold out until further notice ****
more info about V72 and my special V72/55 version at:

V72/55: modified version with 6 step gain selector. (55dB max. gain).
48V phantom power.  Units complete restored, new caps, new tubes.
Complete with cable and I/O connections to XLRs.
Price: AU$  1600.-  each
Date: Feb. 2003 - Location: Sydney/Australia
Ref.#: 028

All equipment is offered by the owners for direct sale. We take no responsibility for any information given by the owners of the equipment, nor for the quality and condition for the equipment offered in this list.
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