WAGNER-Microphones (Sydney/Australia)

German Tube Microphone Technology


    VINTAGE / TUBE  MICROPHONE SERVICE (restoration, capsules, tubes, parts)
    'Specialised in Neumann U47 over 25 years'
NEUMANN vintage microphones - general info (click to open):
U47  (Warning - beware of fake VF14 tubes !)
M49, M249

Services and Products  (list of services & prices)

Vintage equipment  FOR SALE  (buy and sell direct)

U47 - Parts & Accessories   (click image to see details)
U47 shockmount....click heretube mic output transformers... click hereM7 capsules.... click here 

A complete new U47 - Don't say it's impossible...  (click images to see details)
A new U47? Click here to see....

"Budget" microphone parts
 for service, or to build your own condenser microphone

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 Marek Design
creative microphone systems, Made in Germany


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